LUVULL’S First Publication – ME SANNIES ARE BRANNIES! is now in it’s third reprint.

thoughtful and engaging look into the HULL accent and Dialect.
by John Brien.

Hull The end of the railway line. The end of the motorway. Well to be honest, the motorway finishes about twelve miles before you reach Hull.

You go to Hull, you don’t go through it or past it. It is a special city in many ways but here we are concerned with one attribute only –
the unique and remarkable way the people there speak.

I refer to the dialect and we can’t do this without making reference to the equally unique accent; there are at least four and a half vowel sounds that you will not hear more than about ten miles from the city centre unless, of course, you meet someone who has moved away from Hull.

But it is the use of words that is so extraordinary and noteworthy. Some words are unique to Hull; some are used differently in Hull from anywhere else.
Sometimes it is the pronunciation that stands out and then there is the quaint renaming of things. Always it is the Hull way of saying things.





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