Oh what a night! After only a couple of open meetings we have already found 40 LIL’S LASSES (ten places left!) to participate in LIL – THE PLAY. All the local women who are passionate about LIL’s story and theatre, came together last night to officially join the team. And what a group of strong women we have.

Val and I threw them straight into rehearsing a specially written verse for our planned staged events, and they took to it like true Hessle Roaders waiting for Ted Key* to make them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

They even produced two/three hander improvisations of the conversations that could’ve ’appened on ’road at the time of LIL’s campaign.

Over the next seven months the LASSES will be creatively helping to let people know about the play, support the LIL DRAMA COMPANY’S fund raising campaign and ultimately be part of the play’s production as our community players. Whether in performance, or part of the front or backstage volunteer crew.

So watch out… LIL’S LASSES are about!

Want to join them? Contact Paul A Dennis for more information.

*Ted Key is a famous local Butcher who once had a stall in Hull Trinity market, with a patter that could charm open the tightest purse with a “meat deal” that was impossible to ignore.





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