We asked some of the audience who came last November to say a little something about LIL the Play..

“We really enjoyed this production. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the hall (and in the interval) and all the individual members of the audience were chatting with each other, sharing memories and stories, though they’d never met before. The production itself was extremely well done and very moving. We were very impressed and surprised by the whole evening.
Just go! You’ll be amazed at the effect it has on you. There’s a warmth and a very personal feeling about it and a really close relationship between the players and the audience.”

Carol Mills – HESSLE

“I loved the play, the cast were amazing, the atmosphere in the room was electric. Well done to all involved!!! Not to be missed, one minute I was laughing, the next I was crying, left the venue feeling on a high..”

Trisha Richmond – HULL

“I thought the play was brilliant. Fantastic cast. Very moving. A must see especially for anyone from a fishing family.”

Eileen – HULL

“It was excellent, and I feel privileged to have been able to get a ticket. The venue was very suitable as regards convenience, size and comfort. Having “greeters” there on arrival created a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The play itself was wonderful and I enjoyed how certain audience members were actually performers. The whole cast was superb, especially given that many of them had never acted. And Gina played Lil wonderfully – but then I would say that as she is a friend! I was very proud if her. I’m very pleased that the event is to be repeated.”

Anna Kirk – AVENUES


 “Brilliant! You really felt the emotion and the community spirit of the time. Don’t miss it, you’ll regret it.“

Chris – BROUGH

“From a regular theatre-goer over 50+yrs (local amateurs to West End), I thought it was an excellent production. Not going to compare to other “Lil” plays as each different in approach. Enjoyed the headscarf participation by the audience too. Only found that level with Rocky Horror Show previously!! Looking forward to chance to see it again!“

Lesley – AVENUES

“Excellent play – One of the very best I have seen.
Just could not understand why the play was on at Hull City Hall at the same time. But genuinely this was one of the best plays I have seen up to now.“


“Lil was the highlight of a wonderful stay in Hull in November. Hull is looking great, so many wonderful things to do and see such as the Turner Prize at Ferns Art Gallery and the wonderful and informative Wilberforce museum. But Lil won our hearts, brilliant in its stripped-down simplicity, allowing a great story to be told with passion by a fantastic cast in a brilliant venue. Everyone should see it.“


”The size of the venue makes for a very intimate collaboration between audience and cast. For those too young to remember these events it is a crucial lesson in Hulls history brought to vivid life and another reason to be proud of our home and our heritage.“

Mike Parkinson – BUCKINGHAM ST.

“A thoroughly enjoyable and very informative evening. I was not living in Hull in the 60s but was aware of the disasters and of the “headscarf ladies”. I was shocked to chat with an audience member from East Hull who said they didn’t really know much about what was happening because they “lived too far from Hessle Road” By the end of the first act they had used a mobile to order Brian Lavery’s amazing book HEADSCARF REVOLUTIONARIES Which I had mentioned to her. So not just for locals, not just nostalgia but a powerful lesson -extremely thought provoking ; a sad piece of local and national history and yet very humourous at times. Excellent! – Book now! I’m sure the seats will soon be sold and you’ll have missed a treat!“

Anne Nicholls – HESSLE

“I thought that this production was excellent in so many ways. Subject matter totally relevant to today as well as historically very significant. Production was pacy, tight, never lost its core strength of the story. Cast were magnificent and passionate about the production – how often do you get the privilege of seeing a cast related or neighbours and family friends of the characters. The whole experience was uproarious – joyful, sad, bitter and triumphant throughout. The cast and production hit you hard and demanded you enter into the story. I could go on forever… and I also learned how to tie a headscarf properly from an expert!”


“My friends and I really enjoyed the Lil Bilocca play so well acted it made you feel you were there with them. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Well done to all concerned.“

Julie – HULL

“A very good production and the crowd scene towards the end was impactful. It was a story well-told, about a local icon, well acted, told the story from a personal angle – within the home and workplace and what Lil and her friend may have experienced.“


“We, my husband and my sister-in-law had a wonderful evening. We all thoroughly enjoyed the play both on stage and in the Hall itself with many of the ladies being part of the audience. A fabulous atmosphere bringing people from all walks of life together. There was real community spirit from the moment we walked in to the moment we left. A great achievement. Whether you remember Lil and the trawler disasters, this is a play for all. It has history, pathos and comedy. A real community evening.”

Marlene Silk – LEVEN



“A piece of theatre you need to be part of.. What an envigorating night of theatre. Before the show the ‘headscarf women’ made us and the rest of the audience welcome and part of the show. There are not enough stories and theatre/film about the people who really shape the world…working people. This redressed some of the balance.
All power to the Lil People!“


“A fantastic production. I loved the set and the whole experience. Well acted, heartfelt and emotional”.

Pamela – ANLABY

“Wonderful writing and acting, so much reality was embedded in the play. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the events of over 50 years ago brought to life by such authentic acting. All the actors had wonderful regional accents and the language was pure Hull. The actor who brought Lil to life was exceptional. This is a must see play. It’s a great opportunity to see a wonderful production. Just buy a ticket and go. You would be so sorry to miss this revived opportunity”.


“Thoroughly enjoyed the show and the venue (age, and layout) really added to immersing you in the era. I think as most of the cast were local it was a special event. Also liked the headscarf ladies sitting in the audience. Goooo… an inspiring, unknown story that resonates even today. If only there were more spirited ladies willing to challenge things”.

Julie North – BEVERLEY




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